Resilient House

Post Hurricane Sandy Low-Cost Passive House for New York

Winner of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)-sponsored international competition, Resilient House for Far Rockaway, New York has a layout which orients living spaces towards the sun, and minimizes interior partitions. Structurally insulated panels (SIPS) allow for a tightly-sealed and highly-insulated building enclosure. Combined with a highly-efficient, managed ventilation system and upgraded windows, these design strategies achieve a projected 65% reduction in annual energy consumption. The house will be built by Friends of Rockaway according to FEMA regulations above the floodplain with a flood-proof foundation to ensure that future natural disasters will not affect the structure. By using in-factory, pre-fabricated, volunteer-friendly construction methods and equipment, Resilient House can be built for less than traditional, site-built housing.

Far Rockaway, NY
155 m², 1,666 ft²
Project Architect:
Craig Race
Energy Use Intensity:
Estimated: 96 kWh/m²
Reduction in Energy Use from Typical: